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A regular internet blog written by Dr. Prodromos describing the latest advances in Stem Cell Medicine and related topics that you can use to help improve the health of yourself and your loved ones. (NOTE: your email address is kept strictly confidential)

Our Mission

Our mission at the Foundation for Regenerative Medicine is threefold.

  1. Carry out cutting-edge clinical research to advance stem cell and regenerative medicine
  2. Provide education to medical professionals and the public on the benefits of stem cell and regenerative medicine
  3. Generate philanthropic donations to pay for stem cell treatment for those who need but cannot afford care
Our Mission

One Patient's Story

Donations to our research fund allow us to hire top-quality research associates and carry out clinical studies. All fully tax-deductible donations directly support our research efforts to help advance treatment.

Stem Cell Treatment Charitable Fund

Help Us Help Others

Physicians and the general public are generally unaware of the benefit and safety of stem cell treatment for patients suffering from autism, back pain, multiple sclerosis, stroke, arthritis, spine injury, COPD, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, heart failure, Crohn’s/UC, memory loss, and other disorders. The first step to getting yourself, a friend or a family member better could be a phone call or email to us at 847-699-6810 or

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