The FoReM Database

A core research function of the FoReM foundation is maintaining the FoReM regenerative orthopaedic database and publishing findings from it. This is an important database numbering almost 3000 stem cell and platelet rich plasma treatments through 2018 carried out by Dr. Prodromos for Arthritis, Tendon Injury and Orthopaedic Disorders. It is one of the largest, and one of the few, prospective Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine Databases in existence. Every patient treated has important measured clinical data prospectively entered into their file: including millimeters of joint space remaining on specialized radiographs in each joint compartment, Varus and Valgus lower extremity alignment obtained from special 52-inch radiographs, MRI findings, degree of joint swelling if any, joint contracture measurements, age, BMI, gender, and other parameters. Sophisticated “Socrates” Orthopaedic research software is used to generate joint and disease specific validated outcome rating scores before treatment and after treatment at regular intervals. We now have over seven year follow up from some of our earliest patients. The obtaining, inputting and processing of this continually expanding data set requires skilled research labor, the cost of which is underwritten entirely by the FoReM.

By correlating the input data with outcome scores, we are able to find where regenerative medicine treatments are effective and where they are not. This allows us to guide treatment accordingly, and to focus on areas where efficacy is most in need of improvement. This also provides a powerful tool to assess the results of new treatment paradigms. For example, we identified 30 treated patients with disappointing results from PRP treatment and initiated a clinical trial of PRP combined with Low Level Laser therapy using intra-articular laser probes of red, near infra-red and blue light. We were able to obtain a 50% response rate to this Laser augmented PRP therapy where PRP alone had not been efficacious. This trial was carried out at no cost to the patient and was entirely underwritten by the FoReM. The results of this groundbreaking study (which can be viewed elsewhere on this website) have been presented at two important medical meetings, most recently in Nice France at the biennial World Association of Laser Therapy.

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