Advances In Regenerative Medicine

Dr Prodromos carefully studies the Regenerative Medicine scientific literature and writes a monthly free regenerative medicine blog. This blog is intended as a public service whereby Dr. Prodromos provides scientifc information in layman’s terms that the general public can use to better their own health and that of their loved ones. The three primary focuses of this blog are:

Advances In Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Treatment: Advances in Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine are described as well as advances in regenerative medicine in other areas, such as neurologic and autoimmune diseases and cancer. Ineffective and misrepresented treatments are also described.

Problems with Pharmaceutical Drugs: Because regenerative medicine is devoted to using the body’s own capabilities to cure disease Dr. Prodromos also focuses on newly discovered adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs of which the public may not be widely aware.

Evidence Based Nutritional Supplement Solutions: The world of holistic nutritional supplements is difficult to navigate due to the relative lack of good scientific studies. Dr Prodromos navigates the peer reviewed scientific literature to provide guidance where nutritional supplements are shown to be of proven scientific benefit as an alternative to pharmaceuticals and an adjunct to stem cell and other regenerative medicine techniques.

Advances in Photobiomodulation (Low Level LASER) treatment for disease and enhancement of function. Dr Prodromos is an internationally recognized expert in this rapidly emerging technology (featured at The Harvard Medical School Wellman Center of Photomedicine and elsewhere) that is providing dramatic, safe treatment advances for arthritis, neurologic disease, cognitive function and more.

Other Lifestyle Related Discoveries dealing with such areas as sleep, exercise, and diet that can improve health

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